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    Interpret Titel
    Iron Maiden Iron Maiden
    Saxon 747 (Strangers in the night)
    Accept Son of a bitch
    3 Inches of blood Crazy Nights
    Eisregen Auftakt/Eisenkreuzkrieger
    Motörhead Orgasmotron
    Megadeth Back in the days
    Judas Priest Screaming for vengeance
    Rainbow Long live Rock n Roll
    Ozzy Osbourne Miracle Man
    Hellfueled Midnight Lady
    Metallica Battery
    Motörhead Whiplash
    Manowar Wheels of fire
    Kiss God of thunder
    Iron Maiden Number of the beast
    Dio We Rock
    Therion To Mega Therion
    Apocalyptica Refuse/Resist
    Aborigation Engelmacherin
    Eisregen Frischtot
    King Diamond Mother is getting weaker
    Saxon Requiem
    Judas Priest Hellion/Electric Eye
    Thin Lizzy Angel of death
    Helloween Locomotiv Breath
    Slayer Deciple
    Blind Guardian Valhalla (live)
    Annihilator Alison Hell
    Entombed Night of the vampire
    Danzig How the gods kill
    Pretty Maids Future World
    Saxon Crusader
    Accept Metalheart
    Running Wild Prisonor of out time
    Iron Maiden Die with your boots on
    AC/DC Let there be Rock (live)
    Kiss Detroid Rock City
    Gamma Ray Heavy Metal Universe
    Skid Row Youth Gone Wild
    Guns n Roses Welcome to the jungle
    Metallica Master of Puppets
    Alice Cooper Poison
    Black Sabbath Paranoid
    Motörhead Ace of Spades
    Dream Theater A fortune in lies
    Sanctuary White Rabbit
    Iron Maiden Fear of the dark (live)
    Accept Princess of the dawn
    Anthrax I’m the man
    Winnie Pooh Pooh’s Lullaby
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